Cool Tool | CollegeVine Mentorship Program

credit-collegevineFact: The average public high schooler will share a single guidance counselor with 471 other students (in stark contrast to the extensive, personalized attention given their private school peers). Recognizing this, CollegeVine, formerly Admissions Hero, has unveiled a new tool designed to help: The CollegeVine Mentorship Program. Combining a network of highly trained near-peer counselors with proprietary algorithms, the program pairs high school students with personal mentors as they navigate the often challenging road to higher education. Incorporating a digital platform and real-time communications to connect teens with top-notch guidance across the country, the program draws on the expertise of successful, hand-picked college students already enrolled at the nation’s top universities. It works because these mentors are not only keenly aware of the nuances and pressures of the transition from high school to college having just walked that road themselves, but they also speak a common language. In other words, they just “get it.” CollegeVine’s near-peer mentors—roughly 200 college students representing 20 different majors, substantial extracurricular experiences, and far-ranging success—impart guidance on everything from academic and extracurricular advising to admissions insights, rapport-building and stress management. This blueprint for the future gives parents of public high school students a way to help their kids compete and find success without breaking the bank. Learn more.

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