Cool Tool | Play My Way

credit-play-my-wayAs kids spend more and more time on their electronic devices, parents are increasingly concerned about screen addiction. Trying to restrict screen time often results in conflict and tantrums, as Lebanese mother and entrepreneur Salma Jawhar found out with her own two children. She created Play My Way to help make screen time more productive. The app, once installed on a child’s device, will automatically interrupt their activity – whether it’s gaming or chatting with their friends on social media – with an educational quiz at regular intervals. They must correctly answer questions on subjects such as Languages, Arts, Math, and Science before they’re allowed to return to what they were doing. Because they’re usually eager to do so, the tasks are completed with minimum fuss. Parents have complete control over the time intervals at which the interruptions take place, the grade levels for the questions, and the subjects. After each test they also have access to a detailed performance report to see how their child is learning. Currently there are over 25,000 questions on the system, with 4,000 additional ones being added each month. Salma has now arrived in London to take part in a 3-month accelerator at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub. Learn more.

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