Cool Tool | Beijing Math

credit-oecd-via-beijingmathIs the Chinese approach to math the secret to better understanding and test scores for U.S. students? It’s no secret that Chinese students routinely outperform students in other countries on standardized tests. But what’s the difference? Is it curriculum? Parental involvement? Time spent studying? One approach garnering attention in American schools and households is a cloud-based mathematics tutoring platform called BeijingMath. With time spent using this online practice tool, BeijingMath has the results to prove that it helps K-8 grade students improve in both understanding mathematical concepts and test performance. Originally created by a Chinese father frustrated with his daughter’s math education in the U.S., BeijingMath includes premier elements of both Chinese and U.S. math curriculum and is delivered with technology that is intuitive, engaging, and results oriented. “BeijingMath helps students master American-style math by combining the rigorous step-by-step systematic approach of traditional Chinese practice with the cultural and stylistic attributes necessary for high achievement in America,” says Ben he Zhang, founder and president of the platform. BeijingMath uses what they call Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) technology, which provides personalized learning experiences and gives educators and parents real-time reporting that identifies individual need and tailored solutions. Learn more.

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