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credit-trovvitNearly every day, one can read a new article on how difficult and complicated getting into college has become. Now there’s a new app to make the college application process smoother by making it easy for students to keep track of their extracurricular activities and accomplishments, and present a more complete, more compelling story. In addition to creating an easy to use digital portfolio of student activities, trovvit can help students with their college essays by reminding them of important personal events, struggles, or triumphs. The app can also assist in adding information to required fields on common college application forms. Started by husband-and-wife team Torrance Robinson and Laurel Watts, trovvit is part of the NYC-based StartED edtech accelerator. Torrance is a serial entrepreneur who founded the LMS eChalk. “Schools have been asking for a portfolio tool for their students but students wanted a portfolio that belonged to them, could capture their learning outside of school,” he says. “And they really wanted one that was in their back pocket.” The app helps colleges and counselors, too. Using a student’s profile page on trovvit, guidance counselors and admissions officers can look beyond a student’s grades and scores. Learn more.

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