Cool Tool | TheTalkList

The software landscape to learn language fluency just got better with the second release of TheTalkList – Your Virtual Immersion Program. With so many choices to work on language skills, many are asynchronous tools that hook up students to content, but the tougher and more critical component is to conveniently hook students up to an actual person to practice with. In other words, this is why people can get an A in language classes, yet can’t carry on a conversation in the learned language. So, what if you could select the language tutor of your choice at the price you could afford? TheTalkList has created an open education platform. This means that it’s a come-one, come-all site. Andres Abeyta, founder of TheTalkList has this philosophy: “Everyone on the planet has the ability to speak their native language, describe their local geography, and engage you with their rich culture,” he says. So, “Finally, there’s a platform that unlocks this value for any member in a user friendly environment.” His platform uses a patent pending P2P video environment with language learning widgets, an innovative use of just enough structure for a language lesson with tools that bring dynamic feed content to the lesson, including tutor guides, images, translations, and news feeds. As in real life where no single conversation is the same, the platform supports the latest pedagogical methods focusing on contextual conversation to improve language learning. Join their worldwide community, or see them featured on stage at New York EdTech Week.

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