Cool Tool | Graphical Analysis App

credit-vernierThe adoption and use of Chromebooks in the classroom continues to boom. STEM teachers can further utilize these widely popular mobile devices, and provide their students with an engaging and hands-on way to learn important scientific concepts, with Vernier Software & Technology’s award-winning Graphical Analysis app. Developed specifically for the Chrome operating system, this free app makes it easy for students to collect and share scientific data, putting them in control of their scientific discovery. Using the app, students and teachers can collect data by connecting a Vernier Go!Temp, Go! Motion, or Go! Link to a Chromebook’s USB port. Using Go! Link, a single-channel interface, students can collect data using Vernier standard sensors. Teachers can also link multiple Chromebooks with a LabQuest 2 and use the data-collection device to wirelessly collect and stream data to each student’s Chromebook in a lab group. The app allows students to use the data in tables, to calculate statistics, and to perform curve fits. Students can additionally create and send experiment results to teachers, save work to Google Drive, or export data to Plotly for further study. Learn more.

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