Cool Tool | Chem101

credit-chem101Here’s a classroom engagement product built specifically for college-level chemistry courses. Recently launched on the App Store and Play Store, the app allows chemistry professors to replace multiple choice clicker questions with interactive modules that, for example, ask students to respond by drawing molecular (Lewis) structures on their mobile devices. While students draw structures, the intuitive interface provides fluid animations to help visualize molecular shape and the app offers specific feedback when errors are made. Professors receive the benefit of being able to see what their class is drawing in real time including a convenient visual of the common mistakes. The Lewis structures module of Chem101 was piloted during the Fall 2016 semester at 10 schools including Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, and the University of Cincinnati. In a survey with over 1100 student responses, 87 percent of students indicated that Chem101 helped them learn Lewis structures, 76 percent preferred using Chem101 over any existing courseware, and 87 percent want to see the approach expanded to other topics in chemistry. “Chem101 allows my students to draw Lewis structures intuitively with very little learning curve so more time can be spent learning chemistry and less time learning the program,” says Daniel Waddell, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. Parent company 101 plans to expand the app to support more chemistry curriculum by next Fall. Learn more.

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