Cool Tool | IEPPLUS 5 from Sungard K-12

credit-sungard-k-12-educationWith the focus of special education shifting to Results-Driven Accountability, the IEPPLUS 5 special education management solution provides a more fluid, dynamic experience that changes the game for special education while helping schools meet federal and state regulations. By leaning on smart technology, IEPPLUS 5 helps take the burden of procedural compliance and data validation off the shoulders of a school district’s staff. Customizable workflows in IEPPLUS 5 permit a special education team to set up processes that mirror the way they work. Form validation, real-time proactive compliance monitoring, rapid regulatory updates, and comprehensive regulatory form packages support strong procedural compliance. With compliance on autopilot, special education teams have more time to focus on student achievement. Growth can be captured and shared in real time so that all team members are better informed and common goals are easily recognized, which helps collaboration become the norm. Contextual information helps special education teams learn more without having to search the data. In addition, IEPPLUS 5, with its intuitive user interface, is accessible from whatever tablet, laptop, or desktop a school district’s team members have at their fingertips. Learn more.

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