Cool Tool | Myday by Collabco

CREDIT collabco.pngHere’s a personalized, customizable student dashboard that helps schools and universities keep students engaged, connected and organized. It helps make the student experience a positive one by providing them with access to relevant information like class schedules, homework assignments, and email at any given time, from any location on their mobile device or computer. The platform incorporates data from a school’s LMS system, Microsoft Office 365 and student information system, as well as laundry and bus schedules, low balances, push notifications, and other relevant information. Students use a single login to access all of the tiles within myday. The platform then acts as a portal, allowing them to access their email, social media, news feeds, academic sites and other content without having to log in again. Students can customize their view to include whatever information they find the most useful. The school or university can brand myday with the school’s look and logo, and customize it to send alerts or other relevant information to students. myday is available in a browser to support desktop and laptop computers, and through a personalized mobile app. Learn more.

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