Cool Tool | Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy

CREDIT Official SAT Practice Khan Academy.pngWith the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, students can practice for their SAT test in reading and math. And as of just recently, thanks to a partnership between the College Board and Turnitin, students can also practice for the optional essay portion of the SAT using Turnitin Revision Assistant, and get authentic sample scores generated by Turnitin Scoring Engine. The Official SAT Practice will map out a learning plan for the student based on their PSAT or SAT scores, or they can take a diagnostic test. The writing practice, however, doesn’t require the diagnostic test. Students can choose writing practice and go directly into Revision Assistant which gives immediate, actionable feedback. Using Natural Language Processing, Revision Assistant recommends how the student can improve their essay by showing them feedback on the screen highlighted to the text it references. Additionally, when writing on the scored portion of SAT practice prompts, two of the essays students can submit are scored by Turnitin Scoring Engine. The numbers they get back, company officials say, is a fair estimate of how a student would perform on the essay portion of the SAT because the scores are based on official SAT scoring rubrics from the College Board.

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