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CREDIT Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon.pngWill Richardson and Bruce Dixon have put together an excellent case—actually an urgent case, for the reimagining of today’s schools. In 10 Principles for Schools of Modern Learning: The Urgent Case for Reimagining Today’s Schools, they have composed a deeply thoughtful essay gleaned from years of experience and timely in its delivery here and now in 2017. “On one side are the centuries old traditions, expectations, and practices of a system of education and schooling created for another time but still deeply rooted in our various cultural fabrics. On the other side is a fast-changing and expanding new story of learning in a globally networked world, one marked by new opportunities and complex challenges, driven by the increasingly ubiquitous technologies that connect us,” they write. In the whitepaper, published by Educating Modern Learners, the pair articulate a compelling case for change, and provide plenty of actionable steps to do so. We live in interesting, exciting times, and Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon have not only captured that, but are graciously pleading for your continued participation and your strong leadership in transforming our education system into a more ideal environment. They also have a plan to help get us there. Learn more.

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