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CREDIT DiffusionPR.pngIt’s been fascinating over the past few years to watch the evolution of the toy industry – from toys just dabbling with electronic pieces to the sheer explosion of the “edtech” toy industry. Today, even Target has a dedicated STEM toy category for parents to peruse and purchase from! It’s clear that edtech toys have become mainstream and parents are no longer concerned just with a toy’s entertainment value – the pressure is on for these new devices to demonstrate clear developmental benefits. Hundreds of companies are vying for consumer interest by showcasing the latest in tech-toy development. Thus far, tech companies, educational leaders, and influencers alike have weighed in on this trend, contributing their insights and predictions for the future of technology in education. However, one intrinsically important audience has had little share of voice in the matter— parents. That’s why DiffusionPR commissioned the following Ed-Tech Industry Highlights report to reveal parent sentiment around such products. The report’s findings: the majority of parents (76 percent) want edtech toys not just at home, but incorporated into the curriculum at schools. Seventeen percent even said their children learn faster with edtech toys. It won’t be long until such toys are ubiquitous in every pre-school, elementary school, and middle school across the U.S. The question will be – with so much competition, which toys will survive? And what do they need to do to prove to parents and educators their value? We’ll be watching to see which toys make the grade. Learn more.

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