Cool Tool | Spark Board from Cisco

CREDIT Cisco Spark Board.pngEvery teacher wants to close gaps in education. And schools are using technology to help learners achieve more. Cisco sees great potential in integrating disparate tools, and turning “static” learning into “continuum” learning (skills that build progressively). The company’s Digital Education Platform (launched at EDUCAUSE last year) now offers Cisco Spark Board, a touch-based all-in-one collaboration device with wireless presenting, digital white boarding and video conferencing. Additional features include a high-resolution camera, a surround-sound microphone, and a real-time whiteboard with archiving and iteration at a later time. Achievement increases when learning becomes individualized, so it’s critical for schools to get the most out of devices like Cisco Spark Board to annotate, publish and record content for continuous use. Today’s active learners at Howe Public Schools in rural southeast Oklahoma don’t have a robust teaching staff, and it’s difficult to recruit qualified teachers. Howe now uses Cisco Spark Board to make elements of curriculum come to life for different types of learners at different times of the day. Technology can be the gateway to new, robust types of education for today’s digital natives; through individualized instruction, new collaboration tools give every student a voice, and allow teachers to instruct more meaningfully than ever before. Learn more.

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