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CREDIT WeVideo for Schools.pngNothing inspires students like creating and sharing great stories. More than 6,000 schools use WeVideo visual storytelling tools in and out of the classroom to engage students in all facets of learning. WeVideo projects help instill deep knowledge about topics by cultivating skills like collaboration, communication and critical thinking. It encourages student creativity, storytelling, engagement and multi-modal learning, and it delivers:

• A safe and secure environment (COPPA- and FERPA-compliant)

• Cloud-based tools that are always available, on any device, on or off campus, with no software to install or maintain. It is accessible whenever creativity and growth opportunities strike.

• Effortless collaboration and management for group projects and peer review. Students can work together in teams to develop and finalize a video project. Students are encouraged to achieve shared goals and grow the professional and technical skills needed in today’s multimedia organizations.

• Tools that grow with students’ age and skill levels, from their first day to their first feature film. Students make creative decisions demonstrating understanding and mastering concepts. It starts students with a simplified Storyboard editor and then gradually works up to a more advanced Timeline editor with advanced features, with video tutorials to guide them along the way.

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