Cool Tool | Recap 2.0

CREDIT Recap 2.0.jpgRecap 2.0 is a Q&A platform that ignites anyone’s curiosity to learn anything. It bridges the divide between our collective need to find better answers and the education community’s need to inspire learning, with a Q&A platform that does more with questions. It builds on its existing proven video assessment tools with over 1.5 million video responses in under one year since launch with two updates. The first is a connected public Q&A site where thought leaders and educators ignite your curiosity to learn with Journeys that connect you with what’s worth knowing.  Journeys are better answers to questions, designed based on research about how curiosity works. Their title is always a question. And they made up of a 60 second video with links. The second update is an expanded education platform for educators to gather and shape class discussion around student questions. The platform is built to match Journeys to student questions automatically based on interests, making it easy for educators to leverage the Discover community and better personalize instruction. And like Teachers Pay Teachers, it will provide opportunities for them to get paid for their Journey contributions. Learn more.

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