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CREDIT Whetstone Education.pngWhetstone builds technology that helps schools drive teacher growth with data-driven professional development. Their observation and coaching platform, used by over 300 schools nationwide, takes the paper-and-pencil observation process to the next level by delivering instant data insights to school leaders, allowing them to spend less time in front of spreadsheets and more time in classrooms. They deliver on their mission to make school leaders’ lives easier, and in the process, they improve classroom observation and coaches for schools and districts nationwide. The platform helps solve two common challenges in teacher coaching: organizational headaches and fragmented data. Teacher coaching data is often scattered across emails, Google Docs, spreadsheets, and paper forms, creating an organizational snarl for school leaders. When data is fragmented across systems, it’s a struggle to identify teachers’ areas for growth in order to personalize PD to teachers’ unique needs. Whetstone streamlines the process by giving school leaders one place to put all teacher coaching data, ensuring consistent observations and helping provide data-driven professional development for teachers. Learn more.

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