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CREDIT ClassInsights from WebAssign CENGAGE.jpgThis flexible and fully customizable online instructional system puts powerful tools in the hands of teachers, enabling them to deploy assignments, instantly assess individual student performance, and realize their teaching goals. More than 9 million students have used WebAssign to submit over 1.7 billion answers to homework assignments, tests, and assessments. WebAssign’s full set of flexible features are designed to support instructors in reaching their teaching goals and managing their classroom with ease. It provides students with instant assessment on homework problems and automatically grades assignments. The GradeBook provides instructors with complete control. Instructors and students can access grades anytime throughout the course. Set up is simple using the built-in wizard, and established settings can be transferred to other classes easily. Teachers can efficiently track the progress of an individual student or their entire class.  It’s also fully customizable. Instructors can drop the lowest homework score, weight the final exam more heavily than the midterm, calculate final grades even if they didn’t use WebAssign for all assignments, and much more. What’s more, Class Insights gives educators a detailed and analytical view of student performance. It enables instructors to identify at-risk students early in the semester, as well as helping uncover topics that a class as a whole may not understand. This data empowers teachers with the information they need to tailor class discussions, select topics for review and target students who need extra support. By providing teachers with the tools to assess performance throughout a course, award-winning Class Insights supports and encourages student success. Learn more.

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