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CREDIT Drawp for School.pngSince we originally wrote about Drawp for School as a Cool Tool for collaboration in 2014, the product has transformed into a multi-use workflow, design and collaboration tool. Drawp for School is a powerful content creation and collaboration platform for students and teachers. Teachers use Drawp as a robust workflow management platform to automatically distribute, collect and sort assignments and to track collaboration. Students use its creative design tools to add drawings, photos, text and voice recording stickers to any assignment for any subject. Its swipe-to-share feature gives students an easy way to collaborate with other students. In December, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Drawp with a grant to research and develop the Digital Scaffolding Tool for English Language Learners, a tool that allows students to toggle between two languages to support learning in any subject. In 2016, the Drawp Resource Marketplace was launched as a repository of resources that teachers can use to easily find, download and share lesson plans, worksheets, images and other resources. The tool is localized in more than 15 languages and is now available for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Chromebook and as a web app. Drawp’s COPPA-compliant platform has won top awards for both design and privacy protection and is certified by TrustE. Teachers can download Drawp for School to begin a 30-day free trial. Drawp subscriptions are $99.99 per year, per teacher with unlimited students, unlimited classes and unlimited cloud storage. One thing that hasn’t changed about Drawp: It is still equally useful for creation and classroom workflow management. It may be used for one or the other, but its real strength is in using it for both. With creative tools and a seamless interface, Drawp remains a tool that will inspire students to learn, create — and really immerse themselves in their work. Check it out. Also, read more about how teachers are using Drawp for STEAM, language learning, PBL, design thinking and more on the Drawp for School blog.

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