Cool Tool | Letters alive Plus by Alive Studios

CREDIT Alive Studios Letters Alive Plus.pngAlive Studios, a leading provider of augmented reality (AR) and early education software, has introduced a new method to excite young readers when learning letter sounds and letter names. Especially popular for English language learners (ELLs), at-risk, and special needs students, the Letters alive Plus software uses interactive alphabet cards that come alive on screen with highly-engaging 3D zoo animals. Lessons and activities are presented within a zoological theme, incorporating animals and the sciences into every lesson, which is welcomed by STEM Programs. The learning kit includes 26 alphabet cards, 97 sight word cards, 84 word-family cards, and a full-year supplemental curriculum that is aligned to kindergarten state standards. As children build sentences, they can change what their 3D animal will do, activating a multitude of eye-popping animations and interactions depending on the action or descriptive word they use. Children hear, see, touch, build, and speak on their path to proficiency and increased retention. Incorporating evidence-based best practices to teach early literacy skills, the Letters alive Plus lessons are adaptable, allowing teachers flexibility to teach whole-group, small group, or work with their students individually through one-to-one instruction or intervention. This proven, multi-modal, cross-curricular approach complements any existing curriculum or level of student need, promoting Alive Studios’ mission to help all early learners become fully proficient in reading and math by 3rd grade. Learn more.

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