Cool Tool | Activate by Lightspeed

CREDIT Lightspeed A Learning Company ActivatePodsVideo.png

Lightspeed, a Learning Company, has expanded its focus on helping educators effectively use classroom audio systems to enhance instruction and further support student achievement. The company unveiled its new logo and newest product line, Activate, at ISTE 2017. The new line promotes a collaborative, personalized learning environment that also enhances professional development. Products include the Activate Station charging and control center, portable 2-way audio pods the size of a glasses case that double as handheld microphones, and the Activate App. The product line activates group learning by allowing teachers to listen to students’ small-group discussions. Speaking into a wearable microphone from anywhere in the room, they can then provide real-time feedback to students, making informed decisions about when to intervene and when to let students explore topics for themselves. The new Activate App is designed for professional development, coaching, strategy sharing, and capturing evidence of student achievement. Utilizing the camera on iOS or Android device, the Activate App synchs up high quality audio and video, and allows teachers to push the content to a cloud-based video storage platform for collaboration within individual learning communities. Teachers can watch and listen to their own instruction for self-reflection and share with others to learn new techniques and methods. Learn more.

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