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CREDIT ClassTag.pngHere is an excellent parent engagement platform, a suite of very simple tools empowering teachers to build personal connections, encourage parental involvement, and get visibility into who is engaging and who needs additional support. With it, teachers and parents can stay connected, messaging and sharing announcements using a website or a mobile app. It helps educators regain some valuable teaching time that’s so often lost to administrative tasks. The app automates much, such as requesting volunteers, scheduling conferences, and even sending a weekly newsletter. All parents receive an overview of upcoming activities every week. Additionally, it empowers educators to go beyond simple messaging with functionality that helps them get to know parents as people and build strong partnerships. With Parent Interests quiz, schools can match volunteering opportunities to parents’ skills and preferences and help them get involved on their terms. School leaders gain insights into parent engagement with a Stats feature, tracking conferences signups and volunteering activity to frequency of communications. School leaders are in control and armed with actionable analytics to assess effectiveness of parent engagement efforts and progress towards goals. Schools using it consistently report more parent participation, deeper relationships, and higher parent satisfaction. Learn more.


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