Cool Tool | IXL Diagnostic

CREDIT IXL Diagnostic.pngJust in time for back to school, IXL, the K-12 personalized learning program used by 1 in 9 U.S. students, released an adaptive diagnostic. The IXL Diagnostic achieves four breakthroughs in assessment: it offers information that is always up to date, requires no class time to be set aside for testing, provides clear next steps and makes the experience a delight for students. With the IXL Diagnostic, teachers always have a complete and accurate portrait of their students’ knowledge and know precisely what options are available to help learners advance. The IXL Diagnostic pinpoints students’ level of understanding in six mathematical strands, as well as their overall working grade level. Along with these insights, the IXL Diagnostic offers specific, personalized recommendations to help students grow and meet grade level objectives. As students learn using IXL and answer just a handful of diagnostic questions a week, the IXL Diagnostic works in the background to continuously update their results. Students will feel empowered as they better understand their own abilities and make smart choices about how to improve themselves. Learn more.

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