Cool Tool | AssignFocus by Print Program

CREDIT DreamBox Learning circles.pngPrint programs are often a large part the main component of every student’s math experience. Because teachers are pressed for time, they must find quick and effective digital resources that align with and enhance their classroom lessons. DreamBox Learning’s latest cool tool, AssignFocus by Print Program, enriches the learning experience by allowing student differentiation and professional development to complement math print materials, like Eureka Math, Engage NY, and Contexts for Learning Mathematics. This new capability in the company’s K-8 math solution helps educators create more comprehensive and differentiated math experiences for students by blending DreamBox’s adaptive learning technology with print materials. This cool tool gives teachers more flexibility and choice in how they differentiate lessons for students and track their progress. They can complement instructional goals and district curricula by creating assignments using the module, topic, or unit names from the print program they’re using. With real-time proficiency data about each learner, the feature enables teachers to automatically create differentiated assignments for each student that support concepts from their print programs. The blending of these two tools provides deeper learning opportunities through this company’s virtual manipulatives — proven to develop problem-solving strategies, hone critical-thinking skills, and develop math fluency. Learn more.

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