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CREDIT McGraw-Hill Education survey digital trends 2017.pngMcGraw-Hill Education just released the results of their 2017 Digital Study Trends survey, the latest edition of an annual report examining the ways college students are using technology in their studies, and the perceived impact of tech-enabled studying.

According to their survey, an overwhelming majority of students feel digital technology positively impacts their schoolwork – helping in several different ways (with some variation among student populations) – and more than half of students prefer classes that use digital learning technology. Other key findings:

  • Ninety-four percent of students surveyed found that digital learning tools helped them retain new concepts, and more than half thought it helped them better understand concepts they didn’t know.
  • 60 percent of students felt that digital learning technology improved their grades, with a fifth indicating the increase was “significant.”
  • Students in STEM subjects were more likely to indicate a positive day-to-day impact on their studying and grades: 72 percent of respondents in physical sciences, 65 percent of respondents in biological sciences, and 64 percent of students in engineering, math and computer science reported an improvement in grades from using digital learning technologies.

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