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Cool Tool | Pearson Writer

A digital tool for writers at all levels, Pearson Writer is built for mobile devices, and using it is intuitive and easy. It takes care of some of the more labor-intensive details of writing—gathering and citing sources, proofreading for grammar and … Continue reading

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EdTech in 2013: Three Trends Set to Have a Big Impact

GUEST COLUMN | by Becky Splitt It’s an unavoidable truth that students live a significant portion of their lives online; school research, internship applications, and social network updates make the Internet a habitual home. The continued influx of mobile devices … Continue reading

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Trends | Digital Learning Day

Here’s a great way to raise awareness and celebrate innovative teachers and instructional strategies. With technology transforming classrooms everywhere, and changing the way we buy groceries, listen to music and read books—it’s time for action. Help leverage technology’s potential in … Continue reading

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Trends | Replacing Teachers with Digital Tools? Not Quite.

As digital tools proliferate and improve, solid instruction in the basics will eventually become “flat”—available anywhere globally, argue Bryan and Emily Hassel of Public Impact in a new paper,  “Teachers in the Age of Digital Instruction.” The elements of excellent teaching that are most difficult for technology … Continue reading

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