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Five Trends for Successful EdTech Deployments in 2018

In the coming year, a shortlist of what’s likely to impact the field.  GUEST COLUMN | by Charles Duarte While students are looking forward to an extended holiday break, chances are administrators are knee deep in budgeting and planning for … Continue reading

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The Tenets of Educational Technology Leadership

An opportunity for success—and some helpful principles on which to make it happen.  GUEST COLUMN | by Matt Harris Edtech leadership, worldwide, is a growing market. The complexity of schools, the challenges of modern learning, the ever-changing nature of technology, … Continue reading

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Backing Up to Get a Wider View of EdTech Funding for Your School

How a total cost of ownership approach to edtech can affordably power learning. GUEST COLUMN | by Charles Duarte Digital learning, though still in its youth, has been shown to enable students to learn more quickly and adeptly, while improving … Continue reading

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Making Service Learning More Than Service

And getting rid of a ‘big mess of paper’. GUEST COLUMN | by Dennis Pierce In addition to meeting minimum grade standards, student members of the National Honor Society are required to participate in community service. For NHS students at … Continue reading

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Cool Tool | IO Insights from IO Education

IO Insights equips educators to turn data into insights and action. The student data solution from IO Education breaks down data silos across the organization, and allows school districts to use all of their data to increase student achievement and … Continue reading

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Making Data Matter in Your School or District

Five principles that will help you move from reflection to meaningful action. GUEST COLUMN | by Sejin Mong Over the past five years, I’ve worked with many schools and districts across the United States to collect and take action on … Continue reading

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Managing That Data

Emerging trends in education data management.  INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero Education data management is becoming an increasingly essential part of school administration. Over the past few years, one such company helping administrators in this area, Skyward, has seen some … Continue reading

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Interview | Martin Brutosky: The Simplicity of eChalk

A K-12 software platform that schools use to manage communication and instruction—that’s what eChalk is. The company was founded in 1999 in response to the growing need for technologies and services that would meaningfully connect teachers, students, and parents to … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Tech Integration Plan: 5 Simple Steps

21st-CENTURY LEADER | by Bryan O’Black In the world of laptops, interactive whiteboards, classroom performance systems and iPads—the role of the school administrator has changed. Many of us are becoming more tech-savvy, relying on various technologies to perform day-to-day responsibilities. … Continue reading

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