Trends | Learning in the 21st Century, 2011 Trends Update

If there’s any report you should read discussing what’s happening in K-12 with technology, and if you have anything to do with education and online learning, this is the one report you don’t want to miss. Data collected from 379,285 K-12 students, parents and educators from the 2010 Speak Up survey illustrates how online learning is changing classrooms within our nation’s schools and focuses on five key questions to help inform local, state and national discussions around online learning. The questions it answers:

-who is learning online

-what’s propelling this new level of interest and excitement around online learning

-can online learning really transform the learning process

-what’s standing in the way of greater adoption

-what are the most effective motivators to increase the pool of teachers who want to teach online?

And now for some interesting highlights:

  • Three times as many high school students have access to online learning and twice as many middle school students are learning online, since Speak Up 2007.
  • More than 40 percent of students now designate online classes as an essential component of their learning experience. Administrators and parents are increasingly supporting the students’ vision for learning online.
  • A growing number of educators are learning online. A majority of librarians (50 percent) and 27 percent of teachers have participated in fully online professional development classes or workshops, and 36 percent of administrators report experience with online learning as part of their professional tasks.
  • As online learning grows, administrators are shifting their perspective about what it takes to be successful. Administrators are concerned with the quality of the student-teacher interaction online (30 percent), creating academically rigorous online courses (28 percent) and evaluating the quality of online courses (26 percent).

Click here to download the full report, which is presented in an easy-to-read format with plenty of charts and points of interest.

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