Cool Tool: Epson’s DC-11 Document Camera

Got visual learners? Check out Epson’s DC-11 document camera. New audio and video capture tools and a split-screen feature enliven lesson delivery. Easily display textbooks, experiments and 3D objects. Teacher- and student-centric features are great for preK through 12 or even higher education classrooms. A key feature is the audio and video capture tools that teachers can use to record classroom lessons and student presentations using a built-in microphone. Lessons can then be uploaded to student or classroom websites for later review by students—great for students who are taking a class remotely, who are absent from school or who need extra review of the lesson so they don’t fall behind. For example, if a student is having difficulty understanding an algebraic concept taught in math class, he or she can access the lesson online to listen to the teacher’s verbal instruction and look at the visuals used in class. The split-screen option allows for sharing of both live and captured images simultaneously. Imagine: A teacher wants to demonstrate organic processes so he or she places a textbook image of what a certain reaction should look like and then next to it has an actual petri dish with an organic reaction happening in real-time so that students can see the process unfold. The petri dish is easily visible because of the built-in microscope adapter. In a crowded classroom this also helps eliminate the need for each student to take turns looking into the microscope. Other great features: a five megapixel sensor; 10x digital zoom; 30 frames-per-second video at full resolution; a large capture area that can display up to two full pages; 1GB of internal memory for images and photos; SXGA, XGA and WXGA resolution capability; and, PC or Mac connectivity. Portable, versatile design also ideal for mobile teachers traveling to multiple classrooms throughout the day.  Look for the discounted rate through Epson’s Brighter Futures program designed to help educators. Note the extended Epson limited warranty coverage for three years and a toll-free technical support for Epson products. Visit

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