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Happy Geese The Game of the GooseDesigned for children with special needs, this app has been featured by Apple in 31 countries and has received fantastic feedback from parents and educators. Since it was launched on April 2nd (World Autism Awareness Day), the app has already been downloaded by over 60,000 families in 130 countries. Happy Geese includes simplified versions of classic board games like Snakes & Ladders and The Game of the Goose, with carefully designed boards and various levels of difficulty. One of very few apps that can be played by children with ASD together with their family and their friends, it includes visual hints, dice with colors, shapes, letters and numbers, great animations and other elements that allow parents and educators to adapt the game to every child’s abilities. It also helps to teach how to take turns. Importantly, the clutter-free design eliminates unnecessary distractions, a key requirement for children affected by ASD. One of the most popular features of the app is the King/Queen of the round, allowing parents to choose the player who will win the round (this can help to avoid disappointments with children who are new to the game). Happy Geese was created by Appically, a young company that specializes in developing apps for children with special needs. Check it out at and on Facebook:

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  1. Love this! What a great app. I love seeing technology used for such a great purposes. Mindsnacks is also a great series of app–it uses games to teach languages. Also The Digits:Fraction Blast! is a wonderful story-based app that uses music and space adventures to teach kids math. Thanks for sharing!

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