Cool Tool | DayBook Pro

daybook PRODaybook Pro for iPad has just been released on the App Store by education technology company Cloud School. Daybook Pro is a curriculum design and delivery solution, using the iPad as the central tool to streamline the professional life of the teacher. With the ever-growing complexities of the teaching profession, the app provides an intuitive means of creating, managing, delivering and sharing resource rich teaching content in neatly packaged ‘Units’. “We want teachers to know this product has been built to make their professional life simpler and more enjoyable,” says Peter Hubbard, a company representative. As well as simplifying content creation, the app also addresses the tedious paperwork demands that have become a large part of the profession with the ability to publish PDF documentation of a Unit at the tap of a button. More than just an iPad app, Daybook Pro is a cloud-based subscription service that includes the iPad app, a web app and 10G of cloud storage for each user. The iPad app is free to download and a 60-day free trial is available to all users. The web App allows users to access, upload and edit account data from the convenience of a desktop computer. Daybook Pro is the first in a suite of complementary education products planned for release by Cloud School. Check it out here.


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