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LocalistOne of the only interactive calendaring platforms, Localist helps to increase engagement and improve student life for 1.5 million college students at institutions across the country. According to the students at Localist-using schools, 75 percent of university students think the online calendar is the most important part of a school’s website. The platform supports student engagement on campus through online event calendars, mobile apps, newsletters, and social connectivity. It allows for full social media integration that gives users the opportunity to do more than just share basic event details; users can see which events are trending, how many people attended previous events and who has RSVP’d for upcoming events. Now powering more than 100 calendars across the country, including web calendars for Cornell University, Georgetown University, Columbia College Chicago, University of Rhode Island, and Ithaca College, education officials are choosing it because it also increases event attendance, helps students find their way to campus venues and saves time. It eliminates the need for extensive training and saves administrators anaverage of 8,000 hours of work per year over other calendar software. Check it out.

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