Cool Tool | iC 30 Cart from LocknCharge


CREDIT iC 30 Cart LocknCharge.pngThe increased use of mobile devices in the classroom has increased the need for a solution that can store, charge and protect those devices. The iC 30 Cart from LocknCharge holds up to 30 devices that have up to a 13” screen size. The cart stands at 36.6 inches tall, 29 inches wide and 26.4 inches long. With wheels attached at the bottom, teachers and students can easily move the cart around the school. The top of the cart has a soft-close, sliding lid that becomes extra counter space if the cart is open. Teachers can close it with a padlock to store the devices while they charge. Inside the cart are the six individual, multi-colored baskets that allow for the educators or students to safely transport five devices at once. In fact, the baskets have proven to save up to a week of instructional time per year by simplifying device distribution. The bottom of the cart has an exterior charging status display that shows the status of the devices while they charge without having to go into the cart. With a lifetime warranty, the iC 30 Cart is a smart long-term investment for schools as they continue to integrate mobile devices into the classroom. Learn more.

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