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CREDIT Discovery Education enhanced streaming .pngFeaturing tens of thousands of standards-aligned and searchable videos, images, primary source documents, podcasts, audio books, articles and more, Discovery Education Streaming has long been a “must have” cross-curricular K-12 digital content resource for educators across the country. However, the latest iteration of Streaming, coming August of 2017, is positioned to serve a new generation of teachers and students.  In addition to an updated look and feel, the content creation tools within the services’ new Studio feature will be greatly expanded to allow teachers and students to collaborate in real-time on virtual projects. These features can be controlled by the teacher to monitor interactions, provide instant grading feedback, review progress, and more. Also, included in the new Studio function will be content creation features that provide students the ability to create online portfolios and preloaded templates that will help jumpstart new projects. To save busy teachers time, customizable streams are set to be added to the services’ homepage. Topical and timely content will be found in the Trending Now Stream, while an Activity Stream will help educators find content they recently viewed, searched for, or liked. Additional new content that supports educators as they evolve their classroom practice will be added to Streaming, including:

  • Spotlight on Strategies—the creative, research-based instructional strategies introduced in these short videos are presented by teachers for teachers.
  • DE in Action—This new series of immersive 360 experiences models how members of the Discovery Education Community are using digital content in classroom settings.
  • A collection of powerful and engaging STEM resources—new STEM Career Challenges provide opportunities for students to learn more about STEM careers and STEM Strategies that Work help educators build a STEM culture in their school.

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