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EdLights imageSuccessful Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Schoettler (Zynga co-founder) is building another data analytics solution, except this time it isn’t about virtual tractors. Schoettler has decided to focus his talent and attention on building a data-driven solution for education publishers and suppliers and has gathered a group of talented engineers to make it happen. Steve’s new company, Junyo, has built a deep data set with information about nearly every district and school in the nation. The first tool that Junyo is releasing June 3, 2013, is EdLights, which offers a “digital snapshot” of the nation’s schools. Geared to support those who supply K-12 schools and districts with everything from classroom textbooks and technology to facility infrastructure, EdLights allows publishers and suppliers to research the needs of schools and districts to better understand their circumstances, revenue, expenditures, and learning performance. Why? “It’s all about matching the right materials and solutions to the right place at the right time,” says Steve. EdLights is a refreshing approach for schools fatigued by the endless parade of salespeople who pitch products that aren’t needed. Read about Junyo at: and about EdLights at

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