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CREDIT SlideDogA presentation platform, SlideDog lets teachers combine all sorts of presentations and multimedia files into one seamless experience, with no quality loss or awkward software switches. It also enables presentation sharing with students though their own devices in real-time and new and engaging ways to interact with them. More than 50,000 people have used SlideDog since launching in mid 2013. With the launch of the live sharing and audience engagement platform, presenters are able to efficiently interact with their audience on their mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. In addition to being able to live-share slides between the presenter and audience, SlideDog is also adding a poll-running feature and a remote control, allowing for lecturers and their audiences to efficiently interact with one another. SlideDog integrates this new channel as a natural and seamless part of any presentation. Thanks to SlideDog’s unique presentation platform, users can jump right in with their existing presentation files, such as PowerPoint, YouTube clips, web pages, pdf, and excel, without any uploads or file conversions. The all-new features will be free and available for everyone during a limited beta period, so go ahead and take them for a spin.

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