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Consider this for an educational use of Twitter. 

GUEST COLUMN | by M.O. Thirunarayanan

CREDIT FIUThe “Tweet about Acts of Humanity” project is something that I started to encourage people to tweet about acts of humanity performed by others that they know. Parents and grandparents can tweet about the acts of humanity performed by their children or grandchildren. Teachers can also tweet about similar acts performed by their students. Relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, bosses, and others can tweet about the acts of humanity performed by each other and by others that they know.

Educational Uses of Twitter

Twitter is used by educators as an informing tool, meaning that tweets are being used to inform students about approaching deadlines to submit class assignments, projects, and homework. Schools can use tweets to inform parents about school closures, emergency situations, dates for tests and exams, and other school related events and activities. Twitter can also be used to send small chunks of content information in various disciplinary areas such as mathematics, the natural and physical sciences, the social sciences, fine arts, music, and the language arts.

Why Tweet About Acts of Humanity?

The answer is simple. There is a lot of negative things going on in the world and these events and acts are constantly highlighted on TV and in websites, newspapers, blogs, and other media of mass communications; tweeting about acts of humanity will encourage more people to perform such acts and in the long run make the world a better and more peaceful place for all of us.

What are the Various Acts of Humanity?

There are certainly many acts that can be considered to be acts of humanity. The nature of the different possible acts of humanity and the corresponding suggested Twitter hashtags to use when submitting tweets are listed in the following section. I either created or compiled most of these hashtags a few years ago.

Types of Acts of Humanity Suggested Hashtags to Use When Tweeting

Acts of Altruism                                            #altruism

Acts of Bravery                                              #bravery

Acts of Charity                                               #charity

Acts of Chivalry                                             #chivalry

Acts of Compassion                                     #compassion

Acts of Courage                                            #courage

Acts of Dignity                                              #dignity

Acts of Equality                                            #equality

Acts of Friendship                                       #friendship

Acts of Happiness                                       #happiness

Acts of Help                                                  #help

Acts of Heroism                                            #heroism

Acts of Honesty                                            #honesty

Acts of Justice                                               #justice

Acts of Kindness                                          #kindness

Acts of Peace                                                #peace

Acts of Sacrifice                                            #sacrifice

Acts of Tolerance                                         #tolerance

Acts of Truth                                                  #truth

Acts of Unselfishness                                 #unselfishness

All Other Acts of Humanity                         #actsofhumanity


If you choose, you may follow me at or just use one or more of the hashtags and start Tweeting about Acts of Humanity that someone you know has performed.

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Thiru (M.O. Thirunarayanan) is Associate Professor of Learning Technologies, Florida International University, based in Miami. Write to: and follow him on Twitter at

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