Trends | 8 Mobile Learning Essentials

CREDIT Qualcomm 8 Essentials Mobile LearningMobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in the business world, but what about their potential in the classroom? Across the globe, students from elementary school through high school are increasingly engaging with advanced wireless devices to collaborate with peers, access rich digital content, and personalize their learning experiences. Smartphones and tablets provide today’s students with a gateway to a new ecosystem of information, experts, and experiences, regardless of the physical assets and educational resources in their own communities. Educators are intrigued with the opportunity to use mobile devices as learning tools within the classroom, but many lack the proper resources to get started. In response to these trends, Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ recently released a white paper titled “The 8 Essentials for Mobile Learning Success in Education.” The new report is based on results from 40 international education projects that address the barriers to wireless technology adoption both in and out of the classroom, including needs for digital content and assessment, infrastructure, privacy and security, and professional development for teachers. Projects from the U.S., Singapore, Kenya, and Jordan are highlighted in the report. To learn more, view the full report.

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