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CREDIT GrovoAs digital skills become a more integral aspect of our daily life, at home, school and the workplace, student demand for digital skills has increased. According to a 2014 study by, 52 percent of students think more practical skills development – including digital and technical skills – should be required. Grovo is a beautiful and effective cloud-based training platform that teaches professional skills in 60 seconds, and has set out to solve the digital skills gap in the U.S. economy. Designed to stay current with evolving technology, the company has mastered microlearning through its short, highly-engaging video trainings created with its proprietary production process. The shorter training time leads to better results and increased retention of information. They currently offer dynamic and engaging courses on more than 150 Internet tools, cloud services and technology topics. Incorporating solutions for the on-the-go student, their training content is available on mobile, tablet and desktop. Through experience gained from delivering more than 3,000,000 lessons to hundreds of thousands of learners across industries and organizations, it has helped individuals, students and educators alike minimize the skills gap in their organizations to ensure employees are equipped with the essential digital tools needed to succeed in today’s tech-infused world. See it in action.

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