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CREDIT Kids Discover OnlineTo provide teachers with age-appropriate, accurate, and engaging nonfiction for elementary and middle school students, long-time educational publisher Kids Discover has developed Kids Discover Online, a digital collection of its entire library. The web-based platform brings articles and nonfiction texts to life through interactive GIFs, historical photos, and illustrations. Readers in third through eighth grade can choose among three different Lexile levels. Before designing and developing the collection, the publisher engaged in more than six months of research, surveying teachers, students, and school administrators to find out what would work best for them. To create its online library, they partnered with subject experts from leading institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History, Columbia University, and The Smithsonian Institute to ensure the the accuracy and quality of the content. To keep students engaged with its more than 1,000 science and social studies lessons, the platform offers lively infographics and the Discover Map, an interactive concept map that demonstrates the linkages between different units and topics in the library. Teachers have the ability to build cross-curricular lessons by mixing and matching content from across the library. The platform can play a key role in a flipped classroom setting, and teachers use it for activities from quiet reading to leading student research. It’s optimized for screens as large as a whiteboard and as small as a mobile phone. Whether districts have implemented 1:1 programs using tablets or Chromebooks or have chosen a BYOD approach, the platform provides high-interest nonfiction resources that students can view on the device of their choice. Learn more.

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