Cool Tool | Education Pro Color Poster Maker

CREDIT Bright White Paper Co Ed Pro poster maker by EpsonBright White Paper Co. has a poster printing machine called the Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson. What makes this product unique is that Bright White Paper Co. sells this as a package especially for educators. It has the latest printer technology with waterproof and fade resistant inks, permanent print heads and the ability to print on all types of media including canvas, vinyl and poster board.  Beyond that, it comes with everything needed – right out of the box – accounting software, stand, ink cartridges, roll of paper, printer cable and free shipping. The accounting software allows users to break down the cost of each print job and reports the amount of ink used, the cost per ink color, the amount of media used and the total cost per poster or banner printed. If the football team creates a banner, and the science department needs a poster for their robotics tournament, and the cafeteria prints their specials for the week, the software tells you the cost of each, so each department can be billed their fair share. Learn more.

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