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credit-schoolwiseOne million of the 3.5 million high school graduates, each year, do not go to college. The lack of high school guidance resources prevents students from planning their career and future. The problem is not with school counselors. The problem, some believe, is that our school counselors are overworked and under-resourced. Nationally, the ratio of high school students to counselors is approximately 500:1. Compare that to a student to teacher ratio of 16:1. As a nation, it appears as though we do not dedicate the necessary resources to help high school students plan their future. wants to address this problem and has developed a digital counselor assistant for high school counselors. Their assistant, a chatbot that understands student questions in their natural language, provides students with college admission guidance. “Our goal is to offload basic questions, which make up 70 percent of all questions students ask their counselors, to a digital counselor assistant. With [this solution], counselors and students can spend time on personalized coaching and meaningful discussions,” says Salil Sethi, the company’s founder and an MIT grad. The tool also provides advanced analytics to counselors to track student progress. The digital counselor assistant is free for high schools. Learn more.

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