Trends | Teachers’ & Principals’ Views on Equity in Education

credit-scholastic-teachers-principals-survey-2016Equity in education for all children must be a national priority, and many students face barriers to learning that come from outside the school environment. That’s what a majority of educators reveal in this new research from Scholastic, the Teacher & Principal School Report: Equity in Education. More than 4,700 public school Pre-K–12 teachers and principals acknowledge challenges in access to resources across school poverty levels. For instance, the report displays a large disparity in access to Internet/other resources out of school (65 percent of educators in high-poverty schools vs. 20 percent in low-poverty schools say these are not adequately available) and access to books at home (69 percent vs. 20 percent). Inside the classroom, educators are spending their own money to fill the gaps in resources. On average in the past year, teachers in high-poverty schools spent $672 vs. $495 spent in low-poverty schools; among principals this is $1,014 vs. $514. Items purchased included supplies, books, food, clothing, and technology apps / software. Teachers and principals also emphasize the importance of two-way communication between schools and families. With this in mind, it is notable that 75 percent of educators consider making information available in multiple formats (website, video, social media, etc.) among the most important activities for educators to do to help engage students’ families. To learn more, download the full Teacher & Principal School Report:

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