Trends | Global EdTech Landscape 2.0

CREDIT Navitas Ventures.pngPatrick Brothers is the CEO of Navitas Ventures, the education venturing arm of Navitas. With teams in 50 cities around the world, they build, invest and partner in education innovation. Like so many others, he’s eager to know, “What will the next 10 years in education look like?” So he took it a step further: to help understand how it is likely to evolve and transform, his group started mapping the Global EdTech Ecosystem. They launched Project Landscape — a global, open source, community driven initiative — and just shared Landscape 2.0 at the recent ASU GSV Summit. They’ve now mapped 5,000 companies from all over the world representing $40 Billion of investment from some 50+ countries. They identified 23 innovation clusters, which collectively create eight stages in what they dub a ‘next generation learning lifecycle’. “This is a new type of learning journey, and one that will shape the future of education,” says Patrick. “Since I last wrote about Project Landscape 1.0, I have spoken with hundreds of founders, academics, leaders and researchers — and we believe this is really just the tip of the iceberg.” Learn more.

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