Cool Tool | Ardusat

CREDIT ardusat.pngThis solution creates an inquiry driven STEM program for the classroom allowing students to tap into their inner scientist and understand the world around them through sensor data. Their program includes open curriculum resources making classroom implementation seamless for teachers, as well as teacher-to-teacher collaboration. All of their curriculum resources are open and mapped to national and state standards for teachers to easily customize and implement within their classrooms. They provide an open platform for teachers to use with students to build and share their own experiments and portfolios, or explore other students’ completed experiments. Ardusat is the complete solution for any school looking for an interactive and effective STEM program. Today Ardusat is working with over 200 schools in 27 different countries. In addition to in-class exploration, they allow students to explore space by giving them access to the sensor payloads currently on orbiting cubesat satellites. Students design their very own space experiments with the help of the Ardusat launch team and their partner company, Spire Global. Ardusat is the exclusive education partner of Spire, which is the leading provider of cubesat technology and is actively building out their constellation of 100 small satellites. Learn more.

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