Cool Tool | STEM Connect

Here’s a cool tool from a company synonymous with quality streaming of rich educational content. STEM Connect is a web-based supplemental K-8 resource that helps teachers create engaging STEM lessons; it strengthens students’ critical thinking skills and inspires solution-seeking skills for life. Developed by Discovery Education’s team of STEM experts with the input of educators and curriculum experts nationwide, the resource is built on a 4Cs framework that helps students develop the creative, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills needed for success beyond graduation. Featuring flexible, modular learning units, it provides students an easy-to-follow educational experience through high-quality interdisciplinary resources that can be used in a wide variety of classrooms and across all subjects. Features include: real-world challenges, career connections, content connection and hands-on activities, and it’s all part of a global community working to solve important real-world challenges and make collaboration easy with students from other corners of the world. Learn more.

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