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SeeTouchLearnDevelopers continue to poise themselves at the forefront of the mobile learning trend. Behind the scenes, however, lies a stronger force driving the progress of these learning solutions. Students and educators who use this technology daily provide significant contributions – honest feedback and first-hand insight – fueling successful mobile developments. Jim McClafferty, president of Brain Parade and creator of the iPad app See.Touch.Learn., recognizes that the input of mobile learners is irreplaceable. He first released the visual learning application to address the rising prevalence of autism in the classroom. Since then many updates, including two significant transformations, have been directly influenced through suggestions from its users. In order to create a more collaborative environment, Jim created the Brain Parade Community feature, offering users the invaluable opportunity to share and download lessons with more than 360,000 subscribers worldwide. Many educators also expressed the need to communicate more effectively with everyone involved in a student’s Individualized Education Plan. The new See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition is now available in school and district settings, and includes training sessions to facilitate implementation. This version of the app offers a private community, fulfilling users’ requests for a platform to share custom content amongst teachers, aides, therapists and parents. See it for yourself.

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