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CREDIT GradeableThese days, teachers are being asked to do so much more — use “good data” to create lessons, grade tests within 24 hours, and of course, there’s teaching as well. Grading wasn’t easy in the first place, but now it should be faster and provide better results. Technology is here to help. Gradeable is an online grading tool for teachers designed to make grading fast, smart and easy. Unlike other tools, Gradeable is built to support the types of tests teachers already use — both multiple choice and open response paper-based assessments. Using an Internet-connected computer and an iPhone or printer/scanner, Gradeable technology empowers teachers to raise student achievement by (1) providing faster and better feedback to students, (2) identifying trends in student learning, and (3) digitizing student work into an online portfolio. It integrates with existing gradebooks like Aspen X2, Kickboard, and PowerTeacher. Teachers can use it from the convenience of their classroom as it is available on an iPhone app and freestanding Gradeable Inbox. Gradeable levels the playing field in classroom analytics across school districts. The platform offers fast, personalized feedback, and individualized reports on student progress. Schools using paper-based assessments can gain access to the same macro-level analytics as schools using iPads and computers for student assessments. Teachers can register for a 30-day free trial followed by $7/month/teacher payment. The app itself is free and available for registered users.

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