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CREDIT RefME.pngThis may be one of the world’s first multi-platform tools to completely automate the citation, referencing and bibliography process for over 7,000 referencing styles. With it students can create accurate citations for any source in seconds and complete an entire bibliography in minutes. They can create separate projects for each essay or piece of research, storing all of the references together, ready to export straight into their papers as a ready made bibliography. They can collaborate or share work with others by inviting them to join a project, which gives them full access to view, add, and annotate citations. RefME’s award-winning mobile app lets students scan a book’s barcode using their smartphone’s camera, or search for its title, author or ISBN number in order to generate the citation. All one’s work is synced and stored across every device and on, where students can find a more extensive interface and even more tools at their disposal. Desktop users can also make use of RefME’s handy WebClipper add-on for Google Chrome, letting them instantly add a citation for the web page or online journal straight into the relevant project on RefME.

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